Height-Weight Chart

Do you want to be thin, but feel compelled to eat?  If so, your conscious (want to be thin) and subconscious (need to eat) are tearing you apart.  Hypnosis can help you achieve balance, find peace, and restore your body to a healthy weight.
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Find out how Hypnosis can help you lose weight.

A chart relating your height to the desirable weight range for healthy living
Height Minimum Weight Maximum Weight
Imperial Metric Imperial Metric Imperial Metric
4ft 10in 1.47m 6st 0lbs 38.1kg 8st 3lbs 52.2kg
4ft 11in 1.5m 6st 3lbs 39.5kg 8st 8lbs 54.4kg
5ft 0in 1.52m 6st 7lbs 41.3kg 8st 13lbs 56.7kg
5ft 1in 1.55m 6st 10lbs 42.6kg 9st 3lbs 58.5kg
5ft 2in 1.57m 6st 13lbs 44.0kg 9st 8lbs 60.8kg
5ft 3in 1.6m 7st 2lbs 45.4kg 9st 13lbs 63.0kg
5ft 4in 1.63m 7st 6lbs 47.2kg 10st 4lbs 65.3kg
5ft 5in 1.65m 7st 9lbs 48.5kg 10st 8lbs 67.1kg
5ft 6in 1.68m 7st 12lbs 49.9kg 10st 13lbs 69.4kg
5ft 7in 1.7m 8st 2lbs 51.7kg 11st 4lbs 71.7kg
5ft 8in 1.73m 8st 5lbs 53.1kg 11st 9lbs 73.9kg
5ft 9in 1.75m 8st 8lbs 54.4kg 11st 13lbs 75.7kg
5ft 10in 1.78m 8st 12lbs 56.2kg 12st 4lbs 78.0kg
5ft 11in 1.8m 9st 1lbs 57.6kg 12st 9lbs 80.3kg
6ft 0in 1.83m 9st 4lbs 59.0kg 13st 0lbs 82.6kg
6ft 1in 1.85m 9st 7lbs 60.3kg 13st 4lbs 84.4kg
6ft 2in 1.88m 9st 11lbs 62.1kg 13st 9lbs 86.6kg
6ft 3in 1.91m 10st 0lbs 63.5kg 14st 0lbs 88.9kg


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